The Importance of Regular Air Conditioning Service

April 04, 2024

Every machine requires regular care to continue functioning properly. Your air conditioning system is made up of many components, each of which needs periodic cleaning and attention to prevent issues such as poor performance or complete system failure. Regular air conditioning service in Omaha, NE, is a small periodic cost that can keep you from paying for more expensive and extensive repairs by ensuring every part of your air conditioning system stays in peak condition, even as your HVAC system ages.

System Longevity

Good maintenance is the key to keeping your air conditioning system in working order. A lack of regular service can quickly lead to widespread failure of many individual components, which can compound over time to cause additional and more extensive damage. Furthermore, inadequate care can also cause your air conditioner to work harder, which puts increased strain on its components and leads to excessive wear and tear. If the damage to your system becomes too extensive, your air conditioning system may need replacement long before its expected lifetime has passed. Most central air conditioning systems should last between 10-20 years; poor maintenance could reduce this time by years, requiring you to pay for the cost of air conditioner replacement sooner and more often.

Lower Cooling Bills

Regular air conditioning service ultimately saves you money. Not only will you be able to keep your current air conditioner for decades before considering replacement, you’ll also enjoy lower cooling bills throughout that air conditioner’s lifetime. Poor maintenance is the single most common reason for high air conditioning bills and low cooling performance, making regular air conditioning service the best thing you can do for your HVAC system and your bank account. Scheduling regular cleaning and tune-up services will prevent the wear and dirt buildup that are the major cause of poor air conditioner efficiency. When your air conditioner is functioning efficiently, you’ll be able to enjoy the cooling you expect without constantly adjusting your thermostat.

Good Indoor Air Quality

Your air conditioner also plays a role in the quality of your indoor air. When your air conditioner, ducts, or air filter is dirty, it can lead to a high concentration of particulate matter in your indoor air. More airborne particles can cause an increase in allergies and exacerbate asthma symptoms. Additionally, when your air conditioner is functioning poorly, it may not be able to remove humidity effectively from the air it treats. This can lead to high humidity levels that are not only uncomfortable, but put your property at risk for mold growth or water damage from indoor condensation as well.

Our experienced technicians are pleased to offer comprehensive air conditioning service throughout Omaha, NE. We can help you keep the cost of cooling your property low and extend the lifetime of your HVAC system to save money over both the short and long term. Please click through our website to learn more about our Air Conditioning Precision Tune-Up, or take a look through our blog to discover additional heating and cooling tips and information.

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Last Updated: May 13, 2024