Commercial Service in Omaha and La Vista, NE

Commercial Service in Omaha and La Vista, NE

Commercial Service in Omaha and La Vista, NE

We understand the importance of keeping your business environment functioning properly so that you can meet the needs of your clientele. From daycare centers to restaurants and hospitals to retail locations, our technicians have the experience and training to quickly get your heating, air conditioning, or plumbing systems functioning properly. They will quickly locate the problem and will discuss the repair and service options with you fully, including associated costs, before any work begins.

Aksarben ® / ARS ® services all commercial air conditioning and heating makes and models and handles all plumbing needs, including drain cleaning and sewer line repair, in the Omaha area.The comfort of your customers is one of your number one goals – your satisfaction is one of ours!


Commercial Services We Provide

The services we provide include:

  • Air Conditioner Service & Repair: Our experts can diagnose and repair any type of air conditioning system, ensuring your commercial property remains at the ideal temperature.
  • Heating Service & Repair: We offer comprehensive heating service and repair for any brand or model of heating system, keeping your commercial property comfortably warm throughout the year.
  • Plumbing Service & Repair: We provide comprehensive plumbing services, including leak detection and repair, fixture installation, and water heater repair and installation.
  • Drain Cleaning: We use the latest technology and techniques to clear clogged drains quickly and effectively, preventing further damage to your plumbing system.
  • Sewer Line Repair & Excavation: We offer sewer line repair and excavation services to ensure that your plumbing system is functioning correctly.
  • Grease Trap Service: We provide grease trap services to businesses in the food service industry, ensuring compliance with local regulations and preventing costly backups.
  • Jet Line Cleaning: Our high-pressure jet line cleaning services remove even the most stubborn clogs and buildup, restoring proper flow to your plumbing system.
  • Water Filtration & Conditioning: Our water filtration and conditioning services improve the quality and taste of your water, protecting your plumbing system and appliances from damage caused by hard water.
  • Video Camera Sewer Line Inspections: We use state-of-the-art video camera inspections to identify problems in your sewer line quickly, saving you time and money on costly repairs.
  • Electronic Pipe Thawing: Our electronic pipe thawing services can quickly and safely thaw frozen pipes, preventing burst pipes and water damage to your property.
  • Sewage & Sump Pumps: We install, repair, and maintain sewage and sump pumps, protecting your property from water damage and ensuring proper wastewater disposal.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your commercial HVAC system functioning correctly and efficiently. At Aksarben ARS, we offer comprehensive commercial HVAC maintenance services, including system inspections, cleaning, and tune-ups. Our maintenance services can help you avoid costly breakdowns and extend the lifespan of your HVAC system.

Commercial Precision Tune-Ups

For a one-time maintenance check, ask for one of our Commercial Precision Tune-Ups. We offer some of the most thorough service checks in the Omaha and La Vista, NE area!Customized Commercial Maintenance Plans are available, including routine drain cleaning and grease trap services. Our Commercial Accounts Representative will happily visit you on-site to provide you with a free estimate.

Air Conditioning Precision Tune-Ups include the following:

  • Checking the refrigerant levels and pressure
  • Inspecting the evaporator coil
  • Examining the air filter and replacing it, if necessary
  • Inspecting and tightening the wiring connections on your cooling system
  • Flushing the condensate drain
  • Inspecting and cleaning the condenser
  • Inspecting the condenser fan motor and blades and lubricating if accessible
  • Checking the voltage and amperage draw to ensure optimal performance.

Heating Precision Tune-Ups include the following:

  • Cleaning and adjusting burners for optimal performance
  • Inspecting the heat exchanger for signs of damage or wear
  • Inspecting and tightening the wiring connections
  • Visually inspecting ductwork for proper airflow
  • Examining the air filter and replacing it, if necessary
  • Inspecting the igniter or pilot light for proper operation
  • Inspecting the blower compartment for any signs of damage or wear
  • Inspecting flame operation for safety and burn performance
  • Calibrating your thermostat(s) for accurate temperature control.

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