Sudden AC Breakdown? Why You Should Call for Emergency Repair Today

April 03, 2024

Air conditioning breakdowns can occur at any time, including after business hours and on weekends. Effective home cooling plays a significant part in your health and safety, especially during extended periods of high temperatures; a lack of cooling during hot, humid weather can also increase your home’s risk of developing mold or cause damage to certain types of finishes and materials. If your home’s cooling system experiences a major issue at an inopportune time, don’t wait—calling for emergency AC repair in Omaha is the fastest and the most cost-effective way to restore home comfort.

DIY Repairs Cause More Harm Than Good

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make when their AC breaks down unexpectedly is trying to determine the problem and make repairs on their own. While it is true that there are several simple troubleshooting steps you should take before calling your AC repair service, it’s important to keep in mind that you should never try to take your cooling system apart or make significant repairs or changes to the appliance on your own. First, trying to disassemble your air conditioner on your own can cause serious damage to the system itself, and could even pose a safety hazard to you if you aren’t careful. Second, attempting to make repairs on your own will likely do more damage than harm, and will certainly void any remaining warranty on the air conditioner itself. Using inappropriate parts or lubricants might seem to solve the problem in the short term, but can lead to lasting and extensive damage throughout the system that will reduce its efficiency and its expected lifetime, while also increasing the risk of another breakdown in the near future. Rather than taking the time and potentially putting yourself through the stress of trying to make repairs on your own that may cost you more money in the end, it’s always best to call for emergency AC repair as soon as your air conditioner experiences a major problem.

Poor Home Cooling Causes Property Damage and Poor Health

When your cooling system fails, your home can become an unhealthy and uncomfortable environment quickly, particularly during hot and humid weather. These conditions can exacerbate respiratory illnesses such as asthma and allergies, while also increasing the risk of dehydration in children, seniors, and pets. Even if you face no pressing health risk associated with a lack of home cooling, high temperatures and humidity will certainly cause discomfort that can interfere with your ability to enjoy time spent at home, concentrate on important tasks, or get a healthy night’s sleep. Areas of your home that are poorly ventilated can quickly develop moisture accumulation in humid weather, which may damage finishes or encourage mold growth, which can occur quickly under the right conditions. Thus, scheduling prompt emergency AC repair is not only a commitment to your comfort and the condition of your home, but also a step toward the healthier home environment that you and your family deserve.

If you’re experiencing cooling problems at home, our HVAC technicians are available around the clock to provide prompt emergency AC repair in Omaha, NE. We are dedicated to delivering top-quality heating and cooling service so you can enjoy the benefits of an efficient and reliable HVAC system. You can find out more about our repair and replacement options on the website, or check out our blog for tips on preventing and handling HVAC emergencies.

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Last Updated: April 03, 2024