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There are several ways you can help lighten the work load on your home cooling system during the summer.

Adding insulation to a home’s attic floor, basement, exterior walls, floors and crawl spaces will help maintain room temperatures longer, which reduces energy consumption.

A strong ventilated airflow will allow cooler air to circulate throughout the attic. Heated air that is trapped in the attic will have negative effects on the overall cooling of the house and your energy bill.

Trees and awnings provide a good source of shade to prevent direct sunlight from entering the home. Window blinds are a good way to redirect the light from the sun. Light colored blinds disperse the heat, while darker blinds absorb heat, which creates a warm radiating effect.

Consider setting your temperature a few degrees higher and wearing lighter clothes. A programmable thermostat will automatically regulate the temperatures based on the schedule your program. A Wi-Fi enabled thermostat will help you adjust and monitor your home’s heating and cooling from anywhere with an internet connection. Set your ideal temperature for when you are home and increase the temperature for when nobody is home. No need to keep the ideal temperature when nobody is home to enjoy it.

Even if you are not currently running your air conditioner, HVAC system fans will help circulate the air throughout the house. Moving air feels cooler than stagnant air.

Reduce the amount of heat generating appliances that you use. Stoves, ovens, and toasters can increase the temperatures in your home. Microwaves, slow cookers and skillets produce lower amounts of heat, and help reduce your home cooling costs.

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