Your Guide to Sewer Line Repair with Video Camera Inspections

April 10, 2024

Your home’s sewer line is its largest drain. That means it’s responsible for many aspects of your plumbing in Omaha. Unfortunately, it’s also at risk for suffering from a number of common problems. Continue on if you want to see how sewer line repair with video camera inspections works and why it’s a good choice for homeowners.

Accessing the Sewer Line

Before your plumbing repair professionals can begin the video inspection, they will need to find a point where they can access the sewer line. Most homes and residential properties are equipped with clean outs, which are located outside the home and provide access into the sewer line. If your home does not have a clean out, the plumbers will have to find a different way to access the sewer line for the inspection. Once a cleanout or other access point is located, your plumbing professionals will guide the camera from the cleanout into the sewer pipe.

Inspecting the Sewer Line

While the camera is being guided into the sanitary main, it will be recording a video of what it sees. Your plumbers will be able to carefully inspect this video to get a better idea of what is causing your plumbing problems. Common issues that are discovered during these video inspections include tree roots growing into the line, blockages, corrosion, and broken pipes. The plumbers can keep guiding the camera until they find whatever might be to blame for your plumbing issues.

Talking About Repair Options

Once your plumbers discover what is causing your sewer line problem, they will be able to start offering up solutions. If you have a blockage from grease, hair, or other items that have built up in the drains, your plumbers might suggest a cleaning treatment. If you have tree roots growing into the pipes, they might suggest tree root removal. They might also make a DVD copy of the footage from the video inspection, complete with commentary to help you decide on what steps to take next. You can talk to your plumbers more if you need more tips for fixing your plumbing issues.

If you’ve been having plumbing problems and think you’re in need of sewer line repair in Omaha, our professionals can provide the services you need to get your plumbing back on track. Discover our wide variety of plumbing repair and maintenance services by looking at our website or reading through our blog.

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Last Updated: May 13, 2024