The Basics of Omaha AC Maintenance

April 04, 2024

Whether you own a home or run a commercial business, a reliable air conditioning system is the key to comfort and energy efficiency during the warm spring and summer months. Over time, however, even normal usage can have an effect on your AC’s performance, sapping it of efficiency and reducing its overall ability to cool your home or business. Investing in an Omaha AC service maintenance plan is the best way to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your air conditioner, as well as prevent the high energy bills associated with lost efficiency.

Clean and Lubricate the System

One of the most common causes of poor cooling efficiency is dirt and dust buildup inside your cooling system. While your HVAC air filter is designed to screen out most particles, very small particles can still build up inside your appliance. Additionally, if your air filter is not changed often enough, it can become clogged and fail to catch additional particulate matter as your cooling system draws air in during function. During your AC tune-up service, your cooling professional will replace your air filter and clean every component of your AC system to reduce wear and restore efficiency and improve indoor air quality every time your air conditioner activates to provide cooling. He will also check the lubrication levels on moving parts and add lubricant or oil where needed to facilitate smooth, easy motion that will also reduce issues such as wear and tear or air conditioner noise for greater system longevity and performance.

Check Components

In addition to cleaning your AC system, your cooling service technician will thoroughly evaluate each part of the system, including any internal components, coolant lines, air handlers, electrical systems, and thermostats. This full assessment allows your technician to identify potential or growing problems that could affect your AC system, such as worn parts, lost refrigerant, or a failing thermostat. Even if you haven’t noticed a change in cooling function yet, growing problems can lead to higher costs and poor cooling function over time that cost you money and comfort. By identifying and addressing issues soon after they are noticed or before they can even become a problem, you can reduce the risk of a cooling breakdown that requires more extensive AC repair.

Recommend Future Services

Every time you receive an AC maintenance tune-up, your service technician will take note of your HVAC system’s performance. This record will allow him to make recommendations for services in the future, particularly as your air conditioner ages and begins to lose functionality. Knowing exactly how well your cooling system is performing and how long you can expect it to last is valuable information that can help you prepare for AC replacement when it is needed, rather than experiencing a severe AC breakdown that requires you to make a rushed choice in terms of cooling system replacement.

Our Omaha AC service maintenance plans are designed to provide you with improved AC efficiency, greater comfort, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your HVAC system is in excellent hands. When you enroll in one of our maintenance plans, you’ll receive benefits that include same-day emergency service without emergency fees and discounts on all service and repairs. You can find out more about working with us to maintain your AC and heating systems when you click through our maintenance services page online, or by checking out the additional heating and cooling information and articles on our blog.

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Last Updated: May 13, 2024