Most Common Air Conditioning Repairs

April 03, 2024

Your air conditioning system works hard to keep your Omaha home or business cool and comfortable during warm weather. However, air conditioners can experience wear, damage, and other problems that affect their function, causing poor-quality cooling or even a complete shutdown until repairs are made. There are many common reasons for air conditioner failure—knowing how to spot the signs that your HVAC system may need repairs is the best way to avoid high cooling bills, along with high temperatures when you should be enjoying a cool indoor environment.

Frozen Coils

Ice on your air conditioning coils doesn’t mean your air conditioner is too efficient—in fact, this is a sign of poor efficiency. Frozen coils are a common reason for HVAC service visits, as ice formation can cause damage to the air conditioner itself, as well as water damage in the surrounding area. In many cases, frozen coils are due to poor airflow inside the air conditioning unit; this may result from a dirty filter, or dirt and buildup inside the air conditioner or air return ductwork. Frozen coils may also be caused by a leak in your air conditioner’s refrigerant line. Your air conditioning technician will first evaluate the cause of your frozen coils, then clean away any ice and dirt buildup or patch up any refrigerant line leaks to restore efficient cooling function and prevent future ice formation.

Condenser Damage

Central air conditioning systems include an outdoor condenser unit. Because the condenser sits outside, it is subject to weather and other potentially damaging conditions. Your condenser may sustain damage from debris or pests that affects the unit’s ability to take part in the cooling process, causing your air conditioner to stop providing cooled air altogether, regardless of your thermostat setting. If your condenser is damaged, it’s important to schedule professional air conditioning repairs to address the issue. Your service technician will also provide tips to prevent future damage, such as keeping the area around your condenser clean and trimming nearby landscaping and trees.

Electrical Issues

Air conditioning systems incorporate several electronic components, as well as electrical wiring connecting the unit to your circuit breaker or fuse box. Electrical issues may be caused by wear and tear, pest damage to wiring, or dust and dirt buildup that affect the electrical connections inside the unit. If your electrical system is old or outdated, it may be unable to provide the power necessary to run your air conditioner, especially on hot days. Electrical issues should always be evaluated and repaired by a professional HVAC service technician to ensure proper safety procedures have been observed.

Drain Line Clogs

When your air conditioner removes heat from the air, it also lowers the ambient humidity inside your home or office. This humidity condenses into water, which is channeled away via a drain line. When this drain line becomes clogged, it causes water backup into the air conditioner, which can lead to water damage and even shut down the air conditioner entirely. Your HVAC expert can clear out the clogged drain line and make any necessary repairs to restore normal air conditioner function so you can enjoy indoor comfort once more.

Even small air conditioning problems can cause a drastic increase in the cost of cooling your home or business. If you need air conditioning repair in Omaha, stop by our website for more information about our residential and commercial HVAC services. You can also find out more about air conditioning maintenance and repair on our informative blog.

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Last Updated: May 13, 2024