Knowing the Difference Between a Drain Opening and a Drain Cleaning

April 03, 2024

Aksarben / ARS have dedicated drain cleaning specialists who will clean your drain. A common misconception is the difference between a drain opening and a drain cleaning, which includes a difference in pricing. A drain opening is budget friendly, but it is only a temporary solution. New drain discharge can attach to the old remaining obstruction, which reclogs the drain. A drain cleaning removes debris buildup in the pipe.

  1. Drain Opening – Known as “cabling,” involves targeting the area with the obstruction with a snaking tool. Puncturing the blockage allows drainage to flow through it. This is the least expensive, but less effective process over the long term.
  2. Drain cleaning/clearing – There are two other processes that are more thorough in the removal of obstructions or roots. “Hydro-jetting” involves a very high pressurized water cutting system that clears roots, and sewage from the pipe. If not properly administered the water jets can cut human skin which is why professional use is highly recommended. The other process uses a cutter blade attached to the end of a cabling system. Drain cleaning is higher in price, but scours the drain. Both of these processes sweep the entire drain of remaining debris.

When a customer experiences a clogged drain there are two ways to approach the issue. In most cases, the obstruction is verified by feeding a fiber-optic video camera down the drain. Drain Specialists can see real-time imagery of the blockage.

If you are experiencing drainage issues in multiple areas of the home, that may indicate blockage of the main drain or sewer line. Possible issues could include blockage by tree roots, large foreign object, drain collapse, or misalignment caused by settling or shifting ground.

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Last Updated: May 13, 2024