A Look at Some Common Omaha Furnace Repairs

April 03, 2024

During the heating season, your furnace works hard every day to deliver the home comfort you expect. When heating problems occur, the best solution is to call for professional furnace repair in Omaha as soon as you notice a change in your furnace’s function. Your furnace repair service will not only pinpoint the problem quickly for faster, more effective repairs, you’ll also save yourself the stress and discomfort associated with high heating bills and a poorly-performing furnace.

Blower Motor Replacement

Central HVAC systems use an air handler to move heated and cooled air into the ducts. Thus, the blower motor is constantly in use, regardless of the season, and can easily incur added strain if your HVAC system or ductwork is dirty or suffering from some other cause of poor airflow. If the blower motor burns out, it will put a stop to your furnace’s ability to heat your home entirely. Only a trained furnace repair professional should inspect and replace your blower motor to ensure this task is completed properly, as both your home’s heating and cooling systems rely on this vital component. The best way to prevent damage and strain to your blower motor is to keep your HVAC system clean and maintained. You should also change your furnace filter regularly and address heating or cooling issues promptly, since letting problems go unaddressed can easily lead to circumstances that strain your air handling system.

Ignition and Pilot Light Repairs

Combustion furnaces burn gas or oil to create heat, which is then transferred to the air of your home. Thus, ignition and pilot light problems can reduce your furnace’s heating efficiency or even leave your home completely without heat. Checking your pilot light regularly to ensure it is burning steadily and appears blue can help you catch issues early, especially if you are experiencing a drop in furnace function. A flickering pilot light or a flame that appears orange or yellow is an indication that cleaning and repair are needed. Banging or rumbling sounds when your furnace activates can also signify a dirty or damaged ignition or burner system. The burners and ignition system should always be repaired by a qualified professional, who will check the system’s safety as well as its cleanliness and efficiency.

Thermostat Problems

A problem with your thermostat will translate directly into a problem with your furnace’s ability to heat your home. If your thermostat is not functioning correctly, your furnace may either run too often or not frequently enough, causing discomfort and high heating bills. Your furnace repair service will always check the function of your thermostat as part of any HVAC maintenance service, as well as during any furnace repair call you may make. If adjustments, repairs, or replacement is needed, your heating technician can perform these tasks easily and quickly to restore proper control of your home’s heating system. Learning to use your home’s thermostat correctly, especially if you own a programmable thermostat, can help you better understand how to control your furnace and more easily catch thermostat problems if they do occur.

If you have heating problems, our furnace repair technicians in Omaha offer fast heating diagnostics and repair to reduce the impact of an HVAC emergency on your comfort and your schedule. Please check out our website to learn more about our comprehensive heating and cooling services, or take a look through our blog for more helpful home comfort articles.

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Last Updated: May 13, 2024